Saturday, May 29, 2010

my goodness time flies!!

wow I have been trying so long to get on a update but of course I was having some intense computer problems. First of all our computer crashed and second of all...I couldn't remember how to log on to our blog. Ha Ha ya I know I need some work. Well my dad and I took off driving across the country back to Utah with a car full of junk. It was interesting to drive through all of the different states. I never thought I'd say this but Tennessee and East Nebraska were both beautiful! def my favorite places! The day we left stephanie went into labor and that evening delivered a beautiful baby boy. I've been luck enough to stay here and help watch Kylie, Abbey, and the newest addition Carter Ryan Hobbs. I am  dying though, three weeks is way to long to be away from keith! He and jason already moved up to Baltimore and have started selling for Apx. We were planning on interviewing with Del Sol but have recently decided in the fall we will be returning home so I can finish my degree in ASL! I don't exactly know if i'm ready to go back to school but I guess your never ready for anything in life.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Recent Changes

I've been doing a lot of recent changes: getting rid of cloths, rearranging our house, and putting our blog under serious construction. I have been working on making it some what presentable and decent but for some reason technology goes have a thing for me. oh well. We are here in Orlando getting ready for our big move to Baltimore but unfortunately Keith and his brother Jason will be doing most of the moving. I'm driving back to Salt Lake to stay with my sister for a few weeks. She is due to have her third child. Finally a Boy carter ryan hobbs. We all can't wait. Then i'll be on my way to Baltimore to reunite with keith. So we've been trying our best to enjoy these last few weeks here in Orlando, too bad it's been SO HOT :) Also another note and some what unfortunant news rizzo finally went into heat for the first time but this also meant she was bleeding everywhere. simple solution doggy diapers. yes they really do exist! hopefully she's almost done wearing them. untill next time-Lindsey